Entry level HR

Are you looking for that first step into HR? An HR department is integral to an overall business and how it functions, and each role within HR has a very important part to play. Human Resources is a very large department with many varying subdivisions and roles. 


This blog aims to help make clear the options available to you as an entry-level professional and why HR may be the perfect career route for you! 


The HR division can be split into many smaller teams, usually based on the size of a firm. These are typically generalist and then more specialist functions.  


At entry level, you can gain valuable experience in an assistant/administrative role, either as an HR generalist, which gives you a taste of all things HR or as a Specialist, which focuses on one particular aspect of Human Resources.  


If you pick the route of being a specialist, you can assist in any of the below areas and progress and gain responsibility and autonomy as you gain experience:


Regardless of the function, division, and role – to be an HR professional requires excellent people management, great communication, and organisational skills. No two days are the same when it comes to HR, which makes it a fast-paced and exciting industry for entry-level professionals. 


The opportunities are endless, and each role is so diverse. As an HR professional, you will meet many different people, and the processes you take and the decisions you make will make an impact on the whole organisation.  


Think you've got what it takes to have a career in HR? Contact us today. 


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